Dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction and the secret to better sex

getting aligned for better sex
let’s get personal!

Do you have painful sex?
Do you ejaculate prematurely?
Do you leak pee when you hop, jump run?
Do you wake at night to pee?
Do you have to wear a panty liner when you work-out?
Do you frequently pee and feel that your bladder gets full fast?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions: then you need to keep reading! Know that this is TOTALLY reversible.

I want to begin by saying that half of my clients come to me with some form of sexual/pelvic floor dysfunction. And most issues are a result of improper body use. Just by standing the wrong way – you are putting excess pressure “down there.”

When we are out of alignment, our muscles are tight/imbalanced/dysfunctional. Tight/imbalanced=less blood flow. Less blood flow=less pleasure.

Tight muscles=not as good sex. For men and women. Bummer, right?

My clients often tell me how much better their sex life is once they get their pelvis in better alignment. If I weren’t already reaping in the benefits of a well aligned pelvis- I would be hopping on board asap for better sex!

If better sex were not a concern, then I also would hop on board to ensure that I am not in a diaper by 65 or peeing when running, hopping, skipping. Did I mention that I see a lot of “fit” 45-75 year olds in diapers? I do.

Anyway – my own experience in this department is that sex (and life) is way way way better when there is balance down there. G-spots do exist! It took me a long time to believe that one. If you are experiencing anything less than EXTRAORDINARY sex (or having incontinence) – then I highly recommend that you get your pelvis aligned. Watch my youtube video below to learn how to align your pelvis. Divine Align Tip:How to reduce back, knee, hip and foot pain

(or begin with the 6-Week Online Exercise Kickstarter Program or come on a retreat)

No-one wants to admit that they leak pee or have painful sex – if you think this can help someone – go ahead and share it.


ps. Getting your pelvis well aligned is one step on the path to resolving pelvic floor dysfunction. It is a whole body issue and requires a whole body approach. Other steps include lifestyle changes and exercises to rebalance your whole body.


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