Yoga Reset: Neck and Shoulder Lover

I am not a fan of constantly massaging your neck and shoulders if you have pain. Then why did I make this video which is ALL neck and shoulder massage? If your neck and shoulders always hurt you no amount of rolling and massage will probably help you. What you need is to get to the root of the neck and shoulder pain and begin there with your treatment plan. This massage will feel really good but it might not resolve the issue.

However if you sometimes get a stiff neck, you slept wrong, it is a one off- then this video will be super delicious and even helpful for you. What I love about using balls to release neck pain is that you get to do it yourself. You get to choose whether you need more or less pressure and you can do it from your house. Sweet.

So grab two balls (I like the pinky balls. Tennis are too hollow and lacrosse are too hard) and spend 5 minutes in a lovely, nurturing massage. The same sequence can be done with the balls to the walls – standing.