Holy Shift! Love for Your Knees 101

Greetings from New York.

It is full-on spring time here. My absolute favorite time of year to be outside all.the.time. I hope you are all taking advantage of outside time too.

We are in the 7th week of the 8-week Realign, Restore, Rebalance program and folks are reporting about shift and change! Like this one question – “In my second week of standing up at work, I’m finding that my body is responding today in a new way. It feels like my stomach is wanting to release out and my butt is wanting to release back – a little swaybacked feeling. Should I go with that?” – Hello! I could not have said it better myself. That is exactly the change we want: Less tension and a return to neutral curves in our spine.

This brilliant group of people decided to take charge and do the work to rebalance their bodies and they are seeing results! I absolutely love it because hey – that’s what this program is all about!

Speaking of standing more. It is old news by now: Sitting is bad for you. A lot of you are interested in standing more and sitting less but you are not sure how to do it so I compiled a few tips to get you going. I would love to hear your strategies for being less sedentary. Also, be sure to watch this months video tip to understand why sitting so is wrecking your knees. Uh-oh!

  • Stand more. Take it easy and be creative. Begin by alternating standing and sitting for 20 minutes at a time. Gradually stand more and sit less.
  • While you are at work, on a computer, or on the phone: do it standing up.
  • Arrange a standing work station. Don’t rush to buy a fancy one. Make your own for now with a bunch of books. Here is my version:

low tech standing workstation

  • Vary your positions! Sit on the floor, squat, kneel, etc. Try not to maintain any position for more than 30-40 minutes. Let me know what you come up with! Here is me baking and squatting.

baking and squatting

It WILL get easier to stand and move more – just take it at your own pace.

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