About HolyShift


Alignment intervention, a rockin’ class, a deep workshop, a transformative retreat,a spirit of fluidity, a place to learn to be pain free

In Holy Shift YOU:

You will gain longterm solutions to keep your body strong, functional and free from compensation strategies

You will learn the tools you need to get stronger and more balanced for all of your activities

You will be on a path using movements that heal rather than movements that hurt

In Holy Shift:

I will teach you the root causes of your pain

I will show you that how you stand, sit, and walk is related to the aches and pains in your body

I will teach you how to move well, stand well and walk well

Here are a few common myths:

factsfiction: exercise guarantees a strong body
fact: exercise done wrong and out of alignment guarantees injury
fiction: bone density loss is an unavoidable symptom of aging and is not reversible
fact: bone density has a lot to do with how you are using (or not using) your body. correct postural alignment creates strong bones and can reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis
fiction: post-baby back pain is normal
fact: carrying babies is natural and our bodies are designed to handle the changes and stresses. imbalanced joints are the origin of a lot of pain in our body.