About Lauren

Lauren is a life-loving, yoga-practicing, anatomy hack who relishes in constant learning, good company, laughing and community. Since 1998 Lauren has been studying biomechanics, anatomy, and movement and through these studies and her own explorations on the mat, Lauren has developed a style of teaching that helps students both gain awareness to their structure as well as understand what steps to take to re-pattern and re-balance their bodies. Lauren is known for her ability to “see” her clients, explain to them the sources of their injuries and imbalances, and customize classes for them. She offers her clients longterm solutions for living in a pain-free body.

Lauren created her signature workshop, Holy Shift as an educational and experiential platform to be able to cut through a lot of the murky information regarding alignment, aging and health and give people factual body and science based information for longevity of their bones, muscles, organs and tissues. Lauren teaches Holy Shift as well as anatomy and biomechanics to yoga and movement-based studios, Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Retreat Centers and at her home studio.