So, there is a reason for this neck pain?

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Greetings from Brooklyn.

Things are in full swing. Fall is nearly upon us and the season of wind is starting. Fall is a time of a lot of change and if we aren’t careful we might blow away with the wind.

It is during this season where we begin to hunch our shoulders to ward off the winds and cold. As if we needed yet another reason to be hunched over!

In my private practice- helping people work through pain and injury- I see a lot of tight neck and shoulders. People complain about neck and shoulder tension all the time, I see people walking down the street and on the subway rubbing their necks, the sports store is full of self-massage gadgets to help relieve tight neck and shoulders, the pharmacy sells salts and rubs for aching muscles.

While going to yoga, getting a massage, self-rolling out the tension and baths are great tools – they are only spot treatment and do not address the R O O T cause.

This months’ Divine Align video tip gives you:

  • 3 reasons why your neck and shoulders might be tight leading to neck pain and shoulders pain
  • What to do NOW in your body to fix these tension patterns and
  • exercises to begin to resolve these issues

While you are at it – standing all the wrong way is a major culprit of neck and shoulder pain and can be resolved by small adjustments to how you stand. Check out my previous video for more info on that.

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