test1 Helen Darroch, Brooklyn, NY
“Lauren completely helped me heal a herniated disk and gave the motivation and knowledge needed to gain strength, vitality and flexibility after having my second child. She is an incredible teacher and person, full of passion and devotion to her work. She a vast array of knowledge  that she draws from to give unique, fun and special classes. I leave those classes not only feeling great but with the motivation and tools I need to create a good home practice.”
test2 Jennifer Pellegrino, Brooklyn, NY
“Here, here!  To the essence of Lauren.  To the real deal if ever there was one. Lauren, so gifted and talented, is dedicated to teaching her students the most traditional and current information there is to know about yoga, meditation and body mechanics.   Every informational session threads one thought to another, and another, and yet another.   Her effective and personal strategy (method) is successful with people too,  because she builds, with guidance, the love needed in (for) the heart.”
test3 Sarah Perlis, Brooklyn, NY
“As a friend for many years Lauren would often in a very lovingly suggests that I might want to rethink and reinvent the way I stand and hold my body in space. I always stood with my feet at a sever angel (like a ballerina about to plie) and my knees completely hyper extended and locked out. That said Lauren’s gentle warnings were right, and I found myself with very painful psoas muscle that lead to more uncomfortable body parts, which all lead to being constricted in doing the things I loved most…dancing, yoga, and almost all playful movemet. Now after working one on one with Lauren and going to weekly classes for the past few months I am quickly on track to feeling embodied in myself again. Lauren somehow just knows what will serve my body, where to strengthen, where to stretch, where to back off and where to engage. She is a fountain of endless information, always expressing herself in ways that I can totally follow and resinate with. The bottom line is that I feel renewed and awaken in my body and soul from these months with Lauren. I am so endlessly grateful for her gifts in helping my body heal and realign and learn new patterns that will serve for ever more. Lauren truly has found her calling in helping people reclaim their power to heal their bodies and feel fantastic, and in the most loving playful way. Not to mention a fantastic sense of humor all the while! “
test4 Catherine Harren, Brooklyn NY
“I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade, and have been honored to learn from many extraordinary teachers. Tops, though, is Lauren. Her commitment to expanding her practice, her deep knowledge of body mechanics, her shear love for her students, her generous spirit, her honesty, and her wit–these are ingredients that are rarely found in a single person. That the universe brought Lauren to my practice and my life is a gift I recognize regularly.”